Demo Day
Deep Dive Research
Wireframes to Prototype
The Starty Start Identity
Finalizing Statements
Identifying the problem
Decoding the Prompt
The event moderators posted the winners list and we were on it! We won the category for accessibility. Our team was pleased with our win and congratulated each other. We were also recognized by Internhackt on social media for our successful idea with Starty Start.
We won?
Our team broke into groups to showcase our prototype to the other groups. Many participants loved our idea and shared their own problems with digital workspaces. It was encouraging to receive such positive feedback and interest in Starty Start as a real application.
Prepare to work smart and fast in order to succeed in a short time frame. Team harmony and clear goals are key to finding the best solution. Remember to participate in competitions and stay consistent in your design thinking. Create presentations and aim for success, but don't get too attached to the outcome.

Make connections with new people and understand the tools and process. Use the power of words to communicate effectively and be serious about your goals. Trust the design process and take calculated risks. Strong research relies on the researcher, so believe in yourself and celebrate your successes.

Participate in competitions, stay consistent in design thinking, and aim for success. Understand the tools and process, use effective communication, and trust the design process. Take calculated risks and remember to celebrate your successes.
Everyone works differently and values productivity apps that allow user freedom. People tend to stick with what they know and only switch to new apps when peer pressure is applied. Chris and Di want to step away from tech but sometimes rely on it as a pastime.
Late Night User Interviews
Our team was under pressure with only four days left before the submission deadline and still in the ideation phase. My research showed that the market was undergoing innovations, but existing apps had features that added to users' mental and digital workload. We needed a complete solution for streamlining digital workflows.
We presented our concept and wireframes at the Interhackt roundtable events and received positive feedback. We worked on the final prototype for submission day and I took charge of the design system and icons while the team prepped the wireframes. We finished the features page and put the pieces together to create a prototype.
Starty Start's wireframes were developed to address cluttered workflow experiences and provide a tool for professionals to manage their digital environment. A community feature for sharing workspace templates was also proposed. The team worked on features, including the logo that would eventually become the final version.
Identifying the problem of cluttered workflow experiences, we set out to create Starty Start, an easy-to-use app launcher tool for professionals. By streamlining the process of managing and launching apps in project workspaces, Starty Start helps professionals focus on the task at hand and prevent distractions.
We identified problems with digital workflows and set out to research and develop a solution. By sketching out wireframes and studying the market, we aimed to improve digital workflows for all users. With determination and a clear goal, we were ready to bring our idea to life.
Interhackt welcomed everyone to the competition through the discord group encouraging all of us to connect with each other. It was fun seeing people introduce themselves in real time. They later announced the theme of the competition and allowed everyone to stay in the voice channel to talk and share ideas.
Starty Start is a productivity app that helps users optimize their digital workflow and focus on tasks by scheduling and launching specific apps, saving their current work state, and reducing distractions. It can also help teams collaborate more efficiently through a shared platform for managing tasks and resources.
Starty Start
Our team met to discuss our impressions of the event and our expectations for the upcoming days. We identified the problem of transitioning between tasks as a key focus for our project. An open brief can feel overwhelming at first but it has the opportunity to allow all of the participants to create something different.
Problem: The hackathon prompt of "Making and understanding together" provided us with the opportunity to explore and experiment with new ideas using a variety of mediums. We were excited to see where our ideas would take us and showcase our creativity and innovation through the medium that best suited our project.

Insight: Initially feeling overwhelmed by the open-ended prompt, we knew that thorough research and a structured design process would lead us to strong concepts. Through a structured design process and focus on the needs and behaviors of our target market, we generated innovative and effective ideas.

Solution: Starty Start is a productivity app that helps users declutter their digital workflow, focus on tasks, and reduce distractions. It can also help teams collaborate more efficiently by providing a shared platform for managing tasks and resources.
Lead Designer – Lead team through design process, came up with app name and designed draft logo.

UX Designer – Designed wireframes and guided team to refine designs on Figma.

Strategist – Ideated on potential problems to explore and carried out competitive analysis.

Market Researcher – Researched target market and helped team gather data.

User Researcher – Participated in conducting user interviews.
UX/UI Designer
Concept Developer
Dave Giammarco
Product Manager
Anna Lo
“People use different software and have too many programs open.”
“I rely on sticky notes and feel anxious with more than 7 tabs open.”
Interaction Designer
Christian Enriquez
“I like to keep things separate and minimize notifications.”
“I check my calendar regularly and close other things to help me focus.”
Product Designer
Di Xu
I participated in Interhackt's six-day hackathon with my team, aiming for the first place prize of $1,500. Initially hesitant due to finals week at my school, I decided to give it my best effort and worked on a product inspired by the prompt "Making and understanding together". Despite facing strong competition, we remained committed to delivering a high-quality product.