The best way to show stakeholders you are thoughtful in your design choices is to recognize the idea that excites the buyer and conduct research to outline a viable product path that does not have high cost to implement.

Always consider that there is a time to tell a story but also a moment when all you have to do is have a straight forward presentation to get the point across about your product design iterations, knowing this will allow you to navigate the product development journey by leaning into your strengths when the time is right.

One way to have improved our team dynamic was to understand each of our limitations and expectations as there were times in the project that we did not seem to agree with the quality of output and had to schedule time to go over improvements.
The Meow Orb project got immense positive feedback from stakeholders and at some point turned into a brainstorm session with Luciano and Ben ideating on how to make this product come to life considering key features that would make the product viable.
In order to meet the challenge our team began with an extensive market and solutions research approach to gain insights through our product development phase.

Our findings indicate in two different categories:
Problem: How can we create an interactive experience that allows users to relive the memories of their visit and discover more engaging and puzzling content? How may we add value to Meow Wolf's shop purchases and promote further engagement with Meow Wolf’s installations and products?

Insight: While the Convergence Station is a destination, our team identified that it is also a lifestyle. We amplified the Meow Wolf lore and universe treating it like a Disney or Pokemon franchise allowing us to uncover what products have high purchasing powers to dedicated fans.

Solution: We take the Convergence Station experience to Meow Wolf super-fans! The Meow Orb is a smart light and entertainment companion that pairs with the Meow Wolf App. By integrating
Strategist – Identified possible directions of product development to meet standards of brief.

Researcher – Conducted various points of research to validate product strategy.

Storyteller – Intertwined the target audience’s interests with the capabilities of Meow Orb’s narrative structure.

Creative Director – Directed the product solution from the first sketch to the final presentation.
Meow Orb creates a one of a kind immersive story experience that provides users the opportunity to customize the Meow Orb through the app. Name it, add a few characteristics, and create a new bond. The Meow Orb is your unique character guiding you through the epic Convergence Universe!
Meow Orb
Character Story
Onboarding Flow
Physical Design View
The sketch and prototype process was focused on bringing our insights to life through a design that would excite Meow Wolf super-fans. Each iteration phase pushed our team to simplify and prioritize key features that would make our product stand out.
Physical Design Iterations
One of the biggest challenges our team faced was the look and branding of the Meow Orb – and I was able to bring some logo designs and colors that the team agreed to fit with the style.
By picking out the right characteristics of a Meow Wolf super-fan our team was able to create a story based on their emotional journey at the Convergence Station and highlight the appeal of the Meow Orb.
Linking the digital prototype to the physical design forced our team to consider the overall user flow of the on boarding process.
Physical Research
Digital Research
“It appeals to all the senses.”
“This is something that would bring you back to the exhibit.”
EVP Consumer Products at Meow Wolf
Luciano Mor
“I think it’s a great idea and checks off a lot of the boxes.”
“It might not be hard to make.”
Strategic Innovation & Design at MaCher
Ben Denzinger
The IxD program partnered with Macher; a sustainable product design agency and Meow Wolf; a large-scale interactive art installations and entertainment company as clients. We were tasked to create a desirable gift shop item that Meow Wolf super-fans would love to buy at the Convergence Station, a 4-story immersive art exhibition.
Head Designer
Alba Chavez
3D Modeling Artist
Concept Developer
Jonathan Gomez
UX/UI Designer
Concept Developer
Jake Strassberg
Project Manager
Liz Martinez
Entice users to make additional purchases in the Meow Wolf store by creating add ons, expansion packs, and even new companions!
Expanding to the realm of AR storytelling.

Venture into other immersive experiences Meow Wolf has to offer.

Connecting with other Meow Wolf stories or future products to create new games.
AR Games
Create a richer experience through Meow Wolf audio narrations and songs.

Journey through Meow Wolf lore that syncs with the colors of displayed on your Meow Orb.
Audio & Video
Built in LED’s display color scenes from the Convergence Station.

Control LED’s (color, dimness) through the app.

Built in speaker delivers audio-based narrations of the Convergence Station’s storyline.
Screens guide the user on how to navigate the Meow Wolf App/Meow Orb.

Users are able to Purr... sonalize their Meow Orb.

Meow Orb customizations appear throughout the app.
Enable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Meow Orb syncs with your smart tv.

Instructions guide the user through the pairing process.
Allowing players to create unique character is an appealing aspect for customers.
All interactive components of the app must have an accessibility focused design.
AR choose your own adventure stories and games have a high rate of user on-boarding and retention.
The immersive Convergence universe is created by playing with lights.
Smart light displays are being bought for entertainment rooms across the home.
Companion characters extend product life cycles by creating audience emotional attachment to the products.