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Miguel solves through utilizing the art of integrating people’s authentic stories with peer-reviewed data.

With a deep vertical involvement in the business of design and creativity – his recent successes propelled him to role play in the business of business development.

Through hard work, he has earned the trust to collaborate with the best web3 brands and companies, Hustle Division – a marketing agency, New Friendship Tech – a top tier event agency, and a few innovative services within the A.I, cannabis, and gaming industry.
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Value consistently provided in projects
Chief Development Officer
UX Design Lead
Digital Marketing Manager
Brand Strategist
Art Director
Business Strategy
Business Development
Product Design
Advertising & Marketing
Adobe Creative Cloud
CRM Software
Microsoft Office & Teams
Google Business Services

Technical Skills
Executing business strategy and client relations for a new upcoming app development agency in LA, CA.
Directs the brand blueprint for the agency.
Coming soon
The din-din mobile app expands the LAUSD Universal Student Meal program into a premium meal service providing student’s families with meal kits.
Coming soon
Starty Start is the next generation app of personalized and collaborative screen-time productivity interfaces built through open source widgets.
starty start
Coming soon