Archeology of the
Futures Pt. 1

A journey of Design for the Future assignments.
Avg. Coffee Shops Pricing Y-axis and Customer Purchase Power X-axis
The Coffee Realms
It is possible that the coffee shops cater to specific types of customers. For example, one coffee shop can be a Starbucks like boutique but is not corporate starbucks–giving that on the go 6am coffee grinder that juice but also not giving money to the darth corporate roasted bean lords. Another boutique can cater to athletic folks who want literal juice or smoothies but also want a kick of that caffeine juice.
It's a 'Cuppy' World
Boutique Galore
Is a paradise for coffee shop lovers who are willing to pay the premium for an exceptional drink and cafe experience. My favorite would be a very popular yet low-key coffee shop boutique that is hard to find but is hidden in plain sight and known for exceptional customer service and various drink offerings resulting in recurring customers. Premium priced customer care about the present. They care about the way the coffee shop makes them feel. Such a feeling has no price in the world. Therefore, willing to pay one million dollars for a cup of coffee.
Hot Cuppy v.1
Cuppy v1 – The design is made to be familiar yet had thoughtful tech implemented in it. When you order your coffee from a store, you actually rent a Cuppy. The bottom heating base–so place it on your table's integrated machine and it will warm up your drink, add water, any types of milks and flavors. The cup itself is able to decrease in size based on the cone structure. The handle is how the customer is able to control the way they want the coffee, maybe they want it to be cooler or hotter or with more milk, they are able to dictate that through the handle. Then the top cover is able to add types of foam or whipped cream or whatever the heck they want on top, or even stir the drink! That's Cuppy for you.
Hot Cuppy v.2
Cuppy v2 – The design is a bit more simplified.