A brief documentation of the AI collaboration to creating The Veil of Power
I found this photo on Unsplash by Hasan Almasi and I really vibed with it. Because I previously did a very approachable story about a bird being friends with a bear and fox I wanted to do something darker.
I began to play around with Bing's Image Creator and right away I was sold with the way the characters looked. Everything was close to what I wanted the visuals to look like.

I always kept this part of the prompt the same:
in the style of epic photography no backgrounds red overlay

I generated a script with the help of ChatGPT by asking it to make a story that is a bit dark but focused on this part of the prompt in each iteration:
inspired by the lyrics and writing style sleep token. side note the visuals are dark, misty, no
background and a red overlay
Then I found this website: that has text to speech nailed down pretty well and has great features for it to be free. The voice I picked was close to what I wanted but not deep enough...

I found another website that helped me change the pitch and speed of the voice. So I dropped the pitch to make it sound deeper.
I exported everything and uploaded it into Canva. I then used tools and features like auto background remover to create a scene for each 'slide' and then added the voice over with some music and I was vibing with it all so I packed it and shipped it, yo.