Week 3

Feedback, Loops, Modes

Figjam Cursor Highfive

The feedback is effective because it is an entire animation sequence that clearly indicates how it begins and ends – first the hand swings and gets bigger then stars fly out when the animation transitions to end as the hands go back to the user's cursor. The entire micro-interaction is delightful – creates a sense of fun and active participation which allows it to be a useful and appropriate

MacOS Dock Magnification

The Magnification micro-interaction is useful and effective as it allows users to control the MacOS Dock to the permitters set by the design. The Dock can be scaled up or down and add many or few apps into it and then the magnification interaction creates a higher level of accessibility. It's a small animation sequence that has a significant positive impact.

iPhone Volume

The micro-interaction for the volume feature is an effective way to help users identify how they are controlling the volume for their device. It is more of an necessity as an indicator of how the user interacts with the device.

Loops and Modes

MacOS Dock Magnification

The Magnification micro-interaction has a 'normal' mode that is pre-selected by the user and the 'hover' mode can also be controlled in the System Preferences. The MacOS Dock interacts based on the pre-set values by the user, meaning the mode can be avoided if they decide to turn 'hover' mode off.