Harmony of skye
A brief documentation of the AI collaboration to creating Harmony of Skye.
It was easy to find the idea – I was inspired by looking at examples of generative pixel art. I realized it would be the best direction to use for my prompts as the constraints would be helpful to keep things simple.
Most of the prompts stayed the same, ending with: green grass 3d pixel art white background.

However, I found it difficult to have the bear, fox and bird all in one prompt. It was later when I realized the best I could have done is have it all be separate renders and then combine them with a tool like figma. Which I did in some scenes– the ones that have more space.

Now for the story, I just came up with it. And because I love Sleep Token, I took the narrative structure to ChatGPT and asked it to write a short story with narrator and dialogue inspired by the lyrics and writing style of Sleep Token.