I am Miguel Jimenez and specialize in product strategy, marketing, and business development.

I believe that story-driven product development is key to successful experiences and have a special appreciation for research, strategy, and creative direction.

Through research, analysis, and strategic conversations, I aim to understand people's challenges and proactively address them. My focus is on synthesizing key points into effective product development strategies that meaningfully connect problems and solutions.
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Every step forward
I found my niche in the professional world – using research to merge new ideas and create solutions that serve stakeholders. It's a profession that combines my love of logic and creativity, and I've been thriving in it ever since.

With my approach, I hope to improve accessibility in the web3 ecosystem and facilitate growth in customer onboarding and company development.
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With a background in advertising and experience strategizing the launch of new ventures, I have developed a unique perspective on the business world.

Through my passion for connecting with skilled technical builders and constantly seeking to improve my expertise in the craft of experience design, I have uncovered a cyclical pattern that can be applied from the earliest stages of an idea to the final stages of customer acquisition.

My successful results-based system is fueled by my ability to understand how each phase connects with the next, resulting in bold, professional, and attention-grabbing solutions. I've highlighted a few of my most recent top-performing projects for you to browse below.

The IxD program brought Macher and Meow Wolf as clients to task us to bring the Convergence Universe to the every day life of the Meow Wolf super-fans.
Meow Orb
CicLAvia, a non-profit organization, joined forces with the IxD program to create an engaging, results-based marketing strategy for their audience.
Selection of works that spans from the initial stages of product ideation to launching marketing strategies with business development components
Link Pending
Starty Start is the next generation app for personalized and collaborative screen-time productivity curated through open source widgets.
Starty Start
Collaborated with programs such as; Peer Navigators, Student Government, Interaction Design Dept. – soon with the MOCAN Dept.
Link Pending
The din-din mobile app expands the LAUSD Universal Student Meal program into a premium meal service providing student’s families with meal kits.
Din Din